Toledo, Ohio CCW Classes

Do You Want to Get Your Concealed Carry License?

NRA certified firearms instructor, Michael Temple of Delta Protection Academy can help.  He offers customized workshops and classes on…



  • Basic & Advanced Concealed Carry Licensing Classes
  • Basic Pistol
  • NRA Protection in the Home Courses
  • Customized Marksmanship and Self Defense

Classes offer comprehensive training in firearms safety, gun handling, marksmanship, proper shooting positions, tactical readiness, and much more in a relaxed, patient, and encouraging atmosphere.  Michael can work with the novice shooter who has never handled a firearm all the way up to the experienced shooter.  Private and small group training is also available.

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Michael Temple is an NRA certified firearms instructor with several years of shooting experience and training.  He has over 200 hours of firearms training from some of the finest shooting schools and instructors in the country including the Tactical Defense Institute and Dave Spaulding, Law Enforcement Trainer of the year for 2010.  He is an IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitor and regularly shoots in area competitions as well as competing at Camp Perry every year in the National Matches for high powered rifle.